W: or Web Drive

The W: or Web Drive enables faculty, staff, and students to publish personal and professional websites. All materials added to the W: drive are viewable by anyone on the Internet. The W: drive provides 250MB of storage space on the network. (Note for students: Familiarize yourself with the DePauw Electronic and Acceptable Use Policy before you begin.)

Connecting to network drives

Defining your personal website in Dreamweaver

Viewing your website

  • Faculty and staff: http://dpuadweb.depauw.edu/username_web
  • Students: http://studentweb.depauw.edu/username_20XX_web
(Note: Web browsers search your website for a page called “index.htm” or “index.html”. If you do not not have an index page, you must provide the complete path (URL) to your site (e.g. http://dpuadweb.depauw.edu/johnsmith_web/graph.html, http://studentweb.depauw.edu/johnsmith_2015_web/myproject/graph.html.)

Need help?

Contact Dave Diedriech at (765) 658-6442 or ddiedriech@depauw.edu.

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