Certificate authentication: Mac

These step-by-step instructions will assist Mac users who experience a certificate issue when logging in to e-Services using the Safari browser.

  1. Update certificate information in Keychain Access
    1. Open the Macintosh HD
    2. Click ApplicationsUtilities → Keychain Access.app
      Image of Application, Utilities, Keychain Access
    3. In the dialog box that displays
      1. In the Keychains section, click System Roots
      2. In the Category section, click All Items
        Image of keychain access
    4. In the search box, type “com.apple.idms” (without the quotes)
      Image of Keychain Search
    5. Delete all certificates that display
    6. Close the Keychain window
  2. Open Safari and log in to e-Services
    1. If you are still not able to log in to e-Services (my.depauw.edu/e), bring your laptop to the HelpDesk located on the lower level of the Student Union Building for further assistance
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