First-Year Student Technology Checklist

Information Services welcomes to the DePauw community!

Before you come to campus…

Not only will the following Technology Checklist assist you over summer as you complete the tasks listed in your personal portal on e-Services, but it also has additional recommendations for you to complete including how you can prepare your laptop for DePauw’s campus computing environment. We have included step-by-step instructions for each of the recommendations along with other helpful information as links in the following:

Learn about your two IT accounts. Your Google Apps Account will provide you with access to email, calendaring, and other collaboration tools. Your DePauw Account will provide you with access to network resources for class, DePauw’s learning management system (i.e., Moodle), network printers/copiers, and more.
Log into your Google Apps Account email at to check out who has been emailing you from DePauw.
Log in to your personal portal in e-Services at using your DePauw Account username and password to stay on top of things over summer.
Reset the initial passwords DePauw assigned to your Google Apps Account and DePauw Account to something easier for you to remember. Please memorize your new passwords when you update them. Note: The initial passwords listed on your portal in e-Services will not update when you reset your passwords AND these initial passwords will eventually be removed from your portal.
Purchase a laptop. Learn more about DePauw’s recommendations at Student Laptops.
Purchase and install Microsoft Office on your laptop. Learn more about DePauw’s discounted subscription to Office 365 University.
Review Suggestions for what else to bring! for other items you may consider bringing as well as what you should not bring.
Log in to Moodle (i.e., DePauw’s learning management system) at using your DePauw Account username and password in preparation for completing the Building a Safe and Healthy Community course that will be available on your portal in e-Services later in the summer.
Review the Current Student Technology Checklist (coming soon). The items on this checklist need to be completed after you arrive on campus due to security protocols that have been put in place.


Need help with the Technology Checklist?

Please feel free to contact a member of our IT HelpDesk staff at (765) 658-4294 or with questions or concerns.

Stop by to meet us in August

Once you arrive on campus and settle in, feel free to stop by our office to meet us. Our office hours are Monday through Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. We are located on the lower level of the Student Memorial Union Building.

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