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Scanning to PDF using Adobe Acrobat Professional

Place the document on the scanner bed Open Adobe Acrobat Professional Click File → Create PDF → From Scanner… In the Create PDF from Scanner dialog box For Scanner:, select the desired scanner Deselect the Recognize Text Using OCR option Click Scan In the hp scanning preview dialog box Select the desired scan area Click Accept   In the Acrobat [...]

Multimedia & Web

Audio Free downloads Audacity: Open-source software for recording and editing sounds MuseScore: Music composition and notation software Web-based Record MP3: Record and share audio SoundCloud: Share, embed, publish, and store audio Need help? Contact Veronica Pejril at (765) 658-4389 or veronicapejril@depauw.edu. Images and scanning Scanning to PDF using Adobe Acrobat Professional Scanning a picture using [...]