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Instructional Support & Software

Absence Preparedness Strategies and recommended technologies for classroom absences, such as campus emergencies, injuries or illness, off-campus athletic events, out-of-town conferences, family emergencies, and so on ChemDraw Chemical drawing and desktop chemical publishing program DyKnow Classroom management and interactive learning software Moodle Learning management system SPSS SPSS is a predictive analytics software available for a [...]

DyKnow Quick Guide for Students

How do I install DyKnow? For students with a Windows machine, browse to DyKnow: Installing on Windows Computers for instructions on how to install the DyKnow client program onto your computer Mac users who require Virtual Desktop for a course should browse to Virtual Desktop for Macs Running Windows Applications, which includes the installation of [...]


The DyKnow Software Suite enables instructors and students to interactively share, annotate, save, retrieve, and replay material during and after class. Tablet pcs and other pen-based devices provide the optimal environment for the use of DyKnow, but it can also be used on a variety of hardware, including desktop and laptop classrooms. Included in the [...]


Learn about your different IT accounts Effective 7/8/2013 for faculty and staff; 8/1/2013 for returning students There are two (2) separate IT accounts that you need to maintain – 1. Google Apps account and 2. DePauw account. When you change your password on one account, it will not automatically change your password on the other [...]