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STH Continuing Education Series

The Continuing Education Series is comprised of 25 modules followed by two questions, plus a link to supporting documentation:   Social Networks – 03:10 Cyber attackers take advantage of the private information an employee shares online about themselves and their work by using that information for identity theft, spreading malware, scams, and targeted attacks. Learn [...]

SANS Securing the Human (STH)

The SANS Securing the Human (STH) instructional materials are a series of short 2-4 minute videos available to staff and faculty through a DePauw subscription. There are over 30 videos in the series, each followed by two quick questions to ensure that you understood the tutorial’s most important points. As an important part of DePauw’s [...]

DePauw ID Card: Uploading a photo

To upload a photo for your DePauw ID card, you will need to: Understand the photo requirements Edit your photo Create a GET account Upload your photo to GET IT KnowledgeBase Video Library Preparing and uploading a photo for your DePauw ID Card (3:04) (Note: You must be logged in to your DePauw issued Google Apps email [...]

Multimedia & Web

Audio Free downloads Audacity: Open-source software for recording and editing sounds MuseScore: Music composition and notation software Web-based Record MP3: Record and share audio SoundCloud: Share, embed, publish, and store audio Need help? Contact Veronica Pejril at (765) 658-4389 or veronicapejril@depauw.edu. Images and scanning Scanning to PDF using Adobe Acrobat Professional Scanning a picture using [...]